10 step payment program

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  • Step 1 - ask your contact nicely
  • Step 2 - ask your contact again nicely
  • Step 3 - inform your contact and his/her manager that this is the last time you're asking nicely - give an ultimatum
  • Step 4 - ask the person who put you in touch with them, and anyone else who knows both parties, to intervene
  • Step 5 - let everyone you know who knows them or has heard of them what kind of shits they are - focus your smear campaign on the individuals involved, not just the company
  • Step 6 - make an SEO optimized site documenting your problems with them
  • Step 7 - have a lawyer write them a threatening letter
  • Step 8 - file a suit in small claims court
  • Step 9 - actually go to court
  • Step 10 - take matters into your own hands

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