Accessing MySQL on the i6 server

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Here at NYU's wonderful CS department, students have access to two useful servers:

You will need access to both servers in order to work with databases in this course.

Creating a new database

Creating a database on the warehouse database server must be done through the a web interface:

  1. go to NYU CS's Database Manager
  2. if requested to log in, use your NYU Home Net ID and password.
  3. click to "Add New Database"
  4. enter a database name. make it all lowercase with no spaces or special characters except the underscore _
  5. verify that the new database shows up in your list of databases
  6. remember your database name and database password for later on. reset your database password here if you don't know it.

Logging into i6 from the command line

Follow the instructions for remotely logging into the i6 web server

Logging into MySQL from the command line

Once logged into i6, MySQL can be run from the i6 command-line.

Note: the password you use to log into MySQL is your database password, not your i6 password. If you don't know it, then reset it in the Database Manager.

mysql -u<username> -p<password>

Once running MySQL, you can switch to the database you created from the MySQL command-line:

use <database_name>

Now you are ready to run MySQL queries.

Logging into MySQL from a web interface

A variety of GUI interfaces are available for managing databases. One popular example for managing MySQL databases is PHPMyAdmin, which is a free, open-source, set of PHP scripts that allow users to manage MySQL databases from a web interface.

NYU's CS department has installed PHPMyAdmin. You can log in at Use your database user id and password.

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