Choose Your Own Adventure JQuery Assignment

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In this assignment, you will create an interactive "choose your own adventure" narrative story using JQuery. This project will then be published online on a web page.

The concept:

  • You are to tell a narrative story consisting of three scenes.
  • There must be a main character of your choosing and there will be certain actions that this character performs (or are performed on or to him/her/them).

The structure of the narrative

The first scene:

  • The first scene is an animation where the character is involved in some kind of introductory action
  • This scene should have text that displays the title of the story and the author's name
  • Once the first scene is complete the story stops and the project continues to the interactive part.

The interactive part:

  • At this point, the application pauses and asks the user to indicate what should happen next.
  • The user is presented with at least two choices. These choices can be in the form of buttons the user can click.
  • Depending on which button the user clicks, a different animation will play in the second scene.

The second scene:

  • Once the user has selected what should happen next, the second scene begins.
  • This scene is an animation that shows whichever event the user chose in the interactive part.

Ending frame:

  • The story should really end with a scene that shows the text, "The End", or something like that.

Publishing your story

  • Your project should be published on a web page on i6
  • That web page should be linked to from the home page that you already have online.
  • You should submit the link to your assignment to the graders AND the professor

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