Common Web Development Acronyms and Keywords

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The Front End (a.k.a. Client-Side)

The client may refer to a user's computer in general, or the web browser in specific, depending on the context of the conversation. Typically, in web development, these are consumer desktops, tablets, or phones.

Web Browser Software


  • Chrome (Google)
  • Firefox (Mozilla)
  • Internet Explorer (Microsoft)
  • Safari (Apple)

Tablet & Mobile:

  • Safari (Mozilla)
  • Android Browser (Google)
  • Chrome (Google)

Operating Systems


  • Windows (Microsoft)
  • Mac OS X (Apple)

Tablet & Mobile:

  • iOS (Apple)
  • Android (Google)


Most web sites use all of these:

  • HTML (for content)
  • CSS (for presentation)
  • Javascript (for interaction)


Frameworks are code libraries that help developers focus on problem-solving and less on writing code. Common front-end frameworks:

  • Bootstrap (HTML, CSS, and Javascript)
  • JQuery (Javascript-only)
  • Angular.js (Javascript-only)
  • Backbone.js (Javascript-only)
  • Handlebars.js (Javascript-only)
  • Ember.js (Javascript-only)

The Back End (a.k.a. Server-Side)

Operating Systems

  • UNIX (various owners)
  • LINUX (open source)
  • Windows (Microsoft)

Web Server Software

  • Apache (usually used on UNIX or LINUX servers)
  • IIS (used on Windows servers)


Any given web site usually use only one of these:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Microsoft Visual Basic (part of .NET)
  • Microsoft Active Server Pages (part of .NET)
  • Node.js (Javascript)


  • CodeIgniter (PHP-only)
  • Symfony (PHP-only)
  • Django (Python-only)
  • Rails (Ruby-only)
  • Java Server Pages (Java-only)
  • Express.js (Node.js-only)


Relational Databases

  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • PostgresSQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle

Document-Oriented Databases

  • MongoDB (very commonly used in conjunction with Node.js)

Common Combinations

Classic "Full-Stack" Combinations

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Microsoft (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft ASP.NET)

Other Popular Combinations

  • Node.js (server-side language), Express.js (Node.js framework), MongoDB (database)
  • Python (server-side language), Django (Python framework), any database
  • Ruby (server-side language), Rails (Rub framework), any database

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