Data visualization assignment with Photoshop

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This assignment is for extra credit


Use a digital image editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, to make a data visualization based on an open data source.


Don't know digital image editing? You should! But don't despair... you can learn basic image manipulation in Photoshop or Illustrator from a textbook or online tutorials in a few days. Ultimately, however, it will be you who will have to create your data visualization on a computer.


The data visualization must meet the following requirements:

  • it must clearly illustrate insights into the data that are not obvious by simply looking at the data itself in a program like Excel.
  • it must be obvious - nobody should need to read an explanation of your visualization in order to understand it
  • it must be beautiful (unadulterated line charts, bar charts, pie charts, etc, are not acceptable)
  • it must incorporate images that help explain the data set
  • it must satisfy Edward Tufte's quality requirements


The following must be submitted in a zip file with your name on it:

  • a reference to the data set you used (either the official source and title of the data, and a link to it if available online)
  • the data set you used for the visualization in a CSV file
  • the original image file (e.g. Illustrator or Photoshop format source files with layers)
  • the compressed image file (e.g. JPG, PNG, or GIF format)
  • any other source files you created in the process

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