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In this assignment, you will create a complete web site. However, since you already have a file named "index.html" up on the i6 server you will need to create a new folder called "assignment" and place all of your new code inside this folder. The first page of this new site will be named "index.html" and you should make a link from your "old" homepage to link to this new site.

Contents of your site

  1. Use DreamWeaver to create a new web site, of at least eight pages that make up a complete site upon a unifying topic.
  2. Make a web site that people will want to visit and read. Make certain your site has interesting information in it; that it is well organized and easy to navigate; and that it is artistically pleasing.
  3. Your site should be based around a single subject - one of your choosing! Remember, you are publishing not only for this class, but for the whole world to see!

From the technical standpoint, here are required elements

  1. An external style sheet for use with this site. The style sheet should contain at least two original named styles (IDs or classes)
  2. You should lay out your content using
    tags and position them as you see fit.
  3. Links to other web pages that you have created and put on the i6 machine (relative links).
  4. Links to other web pages on the internet (external / absolute links).
  5. A background image or background color on every page.
  6. Images: These may be from various sources such as clip art, and at least one you create yourself.
  7. At least one list
  8. At least one table
  9. An image map (which is a separate graphic from the original graphic listed above)
  10. Anchors and links to anchors (links that link to content within a specific page)
  11. Rollovers (CSS using the :hover pseudoselector, image based rollovers in JavaScript, CSS Sprites, etc.)
  12. At least two meta-tags (keyword & description)
  13. A favicon

Extra credit (10%)

  • Integrate Google Analytics tracking code into your site (In your Google Chrome web browser, Google how to set up analytics, or search Google's YouTube videos for tutorials)

Submitting this assignment

  1. Submit the usual way
  2. Also post a link to this site from your wiki account page

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