How to capture a recording of your computer screen

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This page outlines a simple method for doing a screen capture, including audio.


We will use Apple's Quicktime software, which is included on all Macs, to do screen capture, including any audio.

By default, Quicktime only records audio from the computer microphone. So we will install a useful program named Soundflower to help us capture audio directly from the computer operating system, rather than from the speakers.

Download Soundflower

  1. Download Soundflower
  2. Install it

Change sound output preferences

  1. Go to System Preferences and select Sound settings
  2. Change the Output to be Soundflower (2ch)

Mac sound preferences soundflower.png

Your operating system will now output any sound to the Soundflower program, rather than routing it to the computer speakers. So you will not hear any sounds coming out of your computer anymore... this is ok.

Start recording the screen with Quicktime

  1. Open the Quicktime application
  2. In the "New" menu, start a new Screen Recording
  3. Click the little triangle that displays your audio input options
  4. Select Soundfower (2ch) from this list
  5. Click the record button to start your recording of the screen and any audio

Quicktime screen recording menu.png

Quicktime screen recording audio input.png

Reset sound output preferences when done

When you have completed your recording, you will probably want to have sound come out of your computer speakers again.

  1. Return to System Preferences and select Sound settings
  2. Change the Output to be Internal Speakers

Mac sound preferences speakers.png

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