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The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a suite of command-line tools that allow you to debug and compile Java language code that takes advantage of a large built-in library of ready-made code and run it in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that includes a Java Virtual Machine specific to your computer's processor that can interpret Java bytecode and convert it to your processor's machine code.


There are several editions of the JDK - the Standard Edition (includes the core set of APIs useful for applications targeting desktop computers), Micro Edition (includes a more limited set of APIs suitable for developing for mobile devices), and Enterprise Edition (includes a larger set of APIs meant for development of applications running in large-scale distributed systems).

For more information on the various editions of Java, see a discussion of the differences among this and the other editions of the Java SDK here:

What to download

Unless you have good reason to do otherwise, you should download the Java Standard Edition (SE). This provides a standard set of ready-made code libraries, known as Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), for general purpose Java development.

Where to download

Java is available from the Oracle web site: Follow the instructions for the latest version.

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