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Introduction to the Flash IDE

UI Components

  • Tools
  • Menus
  • Panels
  • Properties Inspector Panel
  • Timeline

Creating a new Document

  • File -> New
  • Select ActionScript 3.0

Modifying an existing Document

  • Modify -> Document

Strokes and Fills

Color Panel



Drawing simple vector shapes

Line Tool

  • stroke color
  • stroke height

Rectangle Tool

  • fill color
  • corner radius

Oval Tool

  • start and end angles
  • inner radius

Pencil Tool



Pen Tool

change default settings

  • select Flash Preferences -> Drawing, and click 'show pen preview'

draw a path

end a path

  • click to add straight segments to a path
  • click and drag to add curved segments to a path
  • end a path
    • click on the first anchor to end a closed path
    • Cmd-click or Cntrl-click to end an open path

Transforming existing objects

  • the Free Transform Tool for freehand shape changes
  • Transform Panel for exact numerical shape transformations
  • Color Panel to change stroke or fill colors
  • Properties Inspector Panel to change stroke size and behavior

Drawing Modes

Merge Drawing (default mode)

  • shapes that overlap within a single layer are merged together destructively
  • strokes and fills are treated as separate objects

Object Drawing

  • shapes that overlap within a single layer don't merge together
  • strokes and fills are treated as features of the same object

Primitive Drawing

  • certain pre-defined shapes cannot be freely transformed or fully modified
    • Primitive Rectangle Tool
    • Primitive Oval Tool
  • otherwise similar to shapes created in Object Drawing mode

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