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Jupyter Notebooks is a web-based publishing system that incorporates Python interpreters into a web page. It is extremely handy for sharing code including documentation for better collaboration with others.

  • write notes in Markdown syntax
  • write and execute code on the web
  • supports several programming languages

Included in the Anaconda Python package.


  • 'Files' tab shows all files in a project.
    • Click New to start a new notebook, and select the language 'Python 3'
  • 'Running' tab shows any running processes.
  • 'Cluster' tab shows any networked clusters.


Two modes to enter either Markdown text or code are selectable via a drop-down list:

  • Markdown mode - allows you to type plain text in Markdown syntax (shortcut Esc-M)
  • Code mode - allows you to enter and execute code (shortcut Esc-Y)

In either mode, it is easy to publish to the web page

  • in Markdown mode, type Shift-Enter to show the text on the web page
  • in Code mode, type Shift-Enter to evaluate the code and print out any results


Code completion: if you position the cursor between parentheses of a function call, press Shift-Tab to see a list of arguments for that function.

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