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This is the first part in a series of two assignments where you will create a LAMP stack web application. Our LAMP stack consists of:

  • Linux web server (in our case, this is i6)
  • Apache web server software (already installed on i6)
  • MySQL database (available on our warehouse database server. You will write queries to manage data in MySQL)
  • PHP server-side programming language (you will create programs in this language)

In this first part of the assignment you will:

  1. Describe your database-driven application
  2. Create the database tables in MySQL and write queries to support the application

Description of your database-driven web applicatiion

Write up a brief report on the system that you wish to prototype for this project, including:

  • functional specification: what does the application do'? Include ideas and considerations about what you want the application to do and what a user can do with the application.
  • technical specification: how does the application work? Write up your plans as to how you would see this database application implemented from a technical standpoint. What technologies are used, what tasks are performed by each of the sub-systems developed as part of this application, etc.

Post these two specifications on one webpage on your i6 account. Each specification should be at least 250 words.

Database tables and queries in MySQL

Your database should include a minimum of five tables and at least two tables should include a minimum of eight fields, unless you have received permission to do otherwise.

Write three SQL scripts (.sql files) as follows for your database:

  1. a script to create all of the tables for controlled vocabularies ("reference tables") that you will need along with the INSERT queries required to populate those tables
  2. a script to create all of the tables that will be used with user data entry and/or imported data files
  3. a script to populate the second set of tables with test data (a dozen records or so per table would likely suffice for testing purposes) and/or a script that imports data from text files

Submitting your work

Submit the following:

  • the URL for your specifications
  • the SQL scripts zipped up in a folder with your name on it
  • Optional: If you are planning to work with data from an online data source (e.g. US Census statistics), you are welcome to submit a sample text file(s) to demonstrate your work.

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