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This is the second of two assignments which comprise your LAMP project: You created and populated data tables in MySQL in Assignment #5, and you are now asked to construct the front-end (user interface) in this assignment, #7.


Set up an on-line database application front-end using HTML, CSS, and PHP to use the tables you have created and populated in MySQL in Assignment #5. Your application should include a minimum of:

  • an opening page to introduce the project
    • a "menu" screen (which can be the same as your opening page if you wish)
    • Reports: Two or more reports based on data in your database as follows:
      • both reports should run against a minimum of 2 tables
      • at least one report should include hyperlinks
      • at least one report should include images
      • at least one report opening webpage should offer the user a drop-down box allowing the user to determine the field(s) to use for sorting the data in the report
      • at least one report should include a drop-down user selection on the form that is created using PHP to cull data from a table in your MySQL database; this selection will be used to select data for the report.
      • Your reports should indicate to the user if no records meet the criteria (in other words, if the result set and hence the report is empty).
  • User interface: use CSS where possible for a consistent "look and feel" to your application.

Extra credit option:

  • Data entry screen
    • at least one field should use a query on a table such as a controlled vocabulary to populate a "drop-down box" for data entry
    • your application should include a report that lists data in the table which includes any new records from user input. (Note: The report can be separate from the data entry screen and does not "count" as one of the reports above. The purpose of this report is for you, me and the grader to be able to test the data entry screen!)
  • Additional features in your system such as various calculations or special features which are appropriate to your system: Please specify these features in the "comments" when you submit your assignment to NYU/Classes or by email to your instructor and grader.

Submit your work

  • Post the webpages to your site
  • Submit a list of the URLs for the pages in your project, with a brief (1-line) description of each page (e.g. "This is the first report screen for the users" table." etc).
  • Submit a zip file of all your .PHP files placed in a folder with your name on it.

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