Physical Computing Final project

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The choice of final project is all yours:

  • pick your own team members
  • pick your own project

However, it must meet certain requirements, of course:

  • it must be interactive
  • it must involve a physical component
  • it must involve an electronic component
  • it must be complete and functioning before the last day of class, without exception

Extra points for:


Ideation and planning (1 week)

Each person in your team must create a blog post explaining your plans:

  • explain your idea in one paragraph
  • who is the target audience?
  • does your project solve an existing need?
  • does your project enhance an existing interaction or human behavior?
  • what parts do you need, how much do they cost, and when are they due to arrive?
  • what, if any, hardware, mechanical devices, and/or movements will your project involve?
  • what, if any, Arduino, Processing, or other software applications or libraries will your project use?
  • who are your team members
    • what are their backgrounds?
    • what are their majors?
    • what are they good at?
    • what is the division of labor?

Execution and implementation (2 weeks)

Build it and document your progress or lack thereof at least once per week

  • Consult with our tutor and grader, and seek advice from classmates and professors


Prepare both a presentation and documentation that answer all the above questions again in a coherent way with the wisdom of hindsight

  • explain whether your project ended up as you initially envisioned
    • if not, how did the idea or implementation change?
  • what challenges did you face?
    • how did you overcome them or not?
  • any lessons learned?
  • any last thoughts about this project?
  • any last thoughts about physical computing?


Your project will be graded according to:

  • completeness and quality of your initial plan
  • technical implementation
  • quality of documentation
  • how well your project works by the last day of class

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