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Required equipment

The basic parts we will need are currently available in the ARDX Arduino kit from This kit contains the minimum necessary for this course. You will most likely want to order additional parts for specific projects.

Ordering the Arduino kit

Orders from Adafruit over $250 can receive a 10% discount using the following discount code at checkout: ADAEDU.

Computer store

The NYU Computer Store also keeps miscellaneous electronics parts in stock, subject to availability. Ask for the physical computing supplies at the computer store.


General-purpose suppliers who cater to people like us include:

Common electronics project equipment

Common parts used in designing physical computing electronics projects include:

  • computer
  • microcontroller
  • solderless breadboard
  • project enclosure box
  • common electronic circuit components:
    • switch
    • resistor
    • potentiometer
    • capacitor
    • diode
    • transistor
    • relay
    • wire
  • input devices
    • thermal heat sensor
    • force-sensitive resistor
    • flex sensor
    • photoresistor
    • infra-red emitter & detector
    • capacitive touch sensor
    • electret microphone
    • accelerometer
    • gyroscope sensor
    • hall effect magnetic sensor
    • photoelectric switch
    • motion detector
    • ultrasonic sensor
    • GPS
    • RFID
  • output devices
    • LED
    • speaker
    • simple DC motor
    • servo motor
    • stepper motor
    • H-bridge motor controller
    • muscle wire
  • power devices
    • power supply
    • battery clip
    • batteries
    • voltage regulator
  • tools
    • wire stripper / cutter
    • screwdriver
    • multimeter
    • soldering iron

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