Simple GUI Assignment

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Your assignment is to create an application using Java's Swing GUI toolkit.

Your graphical user interface must accept some form of input from the user, do some kind of processing on that input, and provide some kind of output dislpayed in the graphical user interface.

Be creative or do something useful. Perhaps make a game, or a utility.


  • Use a child class of JFrame as your top-level container
  • Divide your interface into multiple sections using at least two JPanels.
  • Use at least two different layout managers
    • e.g. FlowLayout, GridLayout, BorderLayout, etc.
  • Create a child class of at least one of the components
    • e.g. JButton, JLabel, JCheckBox, etc.
  • Implement at least two different types of listeners for events
    • e.g. ActionEvent, WindowEvent, MouseEvent etc.
  • The user interface must be intuitive to use
    • The user must not need to view the console in order to understand how to use your program