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Site map considerations

Questions to be resolved when drafting a site map.

Number of pages

Your site map should indicate a number of pages that allows for clear organization of the content of the site. The number of pages must also be an amount that you are comfortable creating wireframes for.

Breadth vs. depth

How many different sub-categories of content does your site have? How many levels deep does each category go?


Examples of site maps, showing the architecture of a web site or software application, including the main sections of content, as well as how many levels deep each kind of content is within the site or app.

  • Navigation components placed judiciously on each page would allow a user to jump from one screen to the next in an intuitive fashion.

Site Map with 3 levels

Sitemap with 3 levels.png

Site Map with 4 levels

Sitemap with 4 levels.png

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