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Start a blog

Start a blog:

  • Your blog must have an RSS feed. Most popular blogging platforms include this.
  • Send the URL of your blog to everyone else in the class.

Share your blog

Below are OPML files with all students' blogs for various semesters of this course.

OPML files can be imported into a blog aggregator, where you can read everyone's blogs at once.

  1. Save the text below into a text file named blogs.opml
  2. Import this file into a blog aggregator, such as Digg Reader
  3. Read everyone's blogs, including your own.

Spring 2017

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
 <opml version="1.0">
 		<title>Celena Christoff subscriptions in Digg Reader</title>
 		<outline title="pcomp spring 2017" text="pcomp spring 2017">
 			<outline text="Aaron W" title="Aaron W" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Amanda Z" title="Amanda Z" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Ashley H" title="Ashley H" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Cooper L" title="Cooper L" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Daniel G" title="Daniel G" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Hasani H" title="Hasani H" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Jackson B" title="Jackson B" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Jin-Young S" title="Jin-Young S" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Jelani W" title="Jelani W" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Kate P" title="Kate P" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Mark B" title="Mark B" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Masrour B" title="Masrour B" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Olivia A" title="Olivia A" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Philip Y" title="Philip Y" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Rachel L" title="Rachel L" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Ronald R" title="Ronald R" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Simon M" title="Simon M" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Zane M" title="Zane M" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />

Spring 2016

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
 <opml version="1.0">
 		<title>Subscriptions in Digg Reader</title>
 		<outline title="pcomp spring 2016" text="pcomp spring 2016">
 			<outline text="Kara T" title="Kara T" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Giorgio P" title="Giorgio P" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Carol O" title="Carol O" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Chaitanya G" title="Chaitanya G" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Nicholle Y" title="Nicholle Y" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Ariana C" title="Ariana C" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Radhika M" title="Radhika M" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Kelvin H" title="Kelvin H" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Edd K" title="Edd K" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Zachary T. K" title="Zachary T. K" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Clara H" title="Clara H" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Ignacio S" title="Ignacio S" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Zachary K" title="Zachary K" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Kelley S" title="Kelley S" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Christopher F" title="Christopher F" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Beihong C" title="Beihong C" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Dominique L" title="Dominique L" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Brendan W" title="Brendan W" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Cameron B" title="Cameron B" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />

Spring 2015

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
 <opml version="1.0">
 		<title>Physical Computing - Spring 2015</title>
 		<outline title="Physical Computing - Spring 2015" text="Physical  Computing - Spring 2015">
 			<outline text="Alan" title="Alan" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Alvin" title="Alvin" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Alexey" title="Alexey" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Clare" title="Clare" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Charlie" title="Charlie" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Christina" title="Christina" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""  />
 			<outline text="Corey" title="Corey" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="http://coreypc" />
 			<outline text="Daniel" title="Daniel" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Donato" title="Donato" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""  />
 			<outline text="Janes" title="Janes" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Jocelyn" title="Jocelyn" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""  />
 			<outline text="Kevin" title="Kevin" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Loriah" title="Loriah" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Nataliya" title="Nataliya" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl= "" />
 			<outline text="Natalynn" title="Natalynn" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Noam" title="Noam" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Oliver" title="Oliver" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Oscar" title="Oscar" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""  />
 			<outline text="Shannon" title="Shannon" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Sarah" title="Sarah" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Simon" title="Simon" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Sinan" title="Sinan" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />
 			<outline text="Tanner" title="Tanner" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" />

Spring 2014

Here is an OPML file with everyone's blogs. Save this into a text file. This file is easily importable into a blog aggregator, such as Digg Reader.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <opml version="1.0">
         <title>Mr. subscriptions in feedly Cloud</title>
         <outline text="Physical Computing (Spring 2014)" title="Physical Computing (Spring 2014)">
             <outline type="rss" text="Michael Y" title="Michael Y" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Erick M" title="Erick M" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Kazushi A" title="Kazushi A" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Caleb S" title="Caleb S" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Kevin C" title="Kevin C" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Abhi A" title="Abhi A" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Tiyanyi X" title="Tiyanyi X" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Jonathan C" title="Jonathan C" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Alexandra L" title="Alexandra L" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Adam J" title="Adam J" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="David H" title="David H" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Hai L" title="Hai L" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Jennifer D" title="Jennifer D" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Adam K" title="Adam K" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Julia S" title="Julia S" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Salvatore C" title="Salvatore C" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Michael G" title="Michael G" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Michael L" title="Michael L" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Jeff L" title="Jeff L" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Hasnain H" title="Hasnain H" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Beverly W" title="Beverly W" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Mariam G" title="Mariam G" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Patrick D" title="Patrick D" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Jaclyn H" title="Jaclyn H" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Whitney P" title="Whitney P" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Leor F" title="Leor F" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Kevin T" title="Kevin T" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Hamza S" title="Hamza S" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Peter S" title="Peter S" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Yan P" title="Yan P" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Jermsak J" title="Jermsak J" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline type="rss" text="Emily D" title="Emily D" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>

Spring 2013

Here is an OPML file with everyone's blogs. Save this into a text file. This file is easily importable into a blog aggregator, such as Digg Reader.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <opml version="1.0">
         <title>Mr. subscriptions in Google Reader</title>
         <outline title="pcomp spring 2013" text="pcomp  spring 2013">
             <outline text="Abraham R" title="Abraham R" type ="rss"
                 xmlUrl=" posts/default" htmlUrl="http://abecomp."/>
             <outline text="Alexander V" title="Alexander V"  type="rss"
                 xmlUrl="http://avphysicalcomputing.tumblr. com/rss" htmlUrl="http://avphysicalcomputing."/>
             <outline text="Andrew I" title="Andrew I" type=" rss"
                 xmlUrl=" " htmlUrl="" />
             <outline text="Andrew S" title="Andrew S" type=" rss"
                 xmlUrl="http://physicalcomputing2013.tumblr. com/rss" htmlUrl="http://"/>
             <outline text="Aric W" title="Aric W" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl="http://physcomputing.aricwerner. com/?feed=rss2" htmlUrl="http://"/>
             <outline text="Avi T" title="Avi T" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="Belinda E" title="Belinda E" type=" rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="Ben W" title="Ben W" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="Cameron M" title="Cameron M"  type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="Carolynn V" title="Carolynn V" type ="rss"
                 xmlUrl=" posts/default" htmlUrl="http://cvu655.blogspot .com/"/>
             <outline text="David B" title="David B" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="David B" title="David B" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="David P" title="David P" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=" posts/default" htmlUrl="http://pesodavid."/>
             <outline text="Dylan S" title="Dylan S" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl="" />
             <outline text="Emily M" title="Emily M" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=" feeds/posts/default" htmlUrl="http://"/>
             <outline text="Felicia P" title="Felicia P" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="Ilya S" title="Ilya S" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="Jahbari R" title="Jahbari R" type=" rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="James C" title="James C" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=" feeds/posts/default" htmlUrl="http://"/>
             <outline text="Juan B" title="Juan B" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=" /posts/default" htmlUrl="http://physcompjf."/>
             <outline text="Kevin C" title="Kevin C" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=" rss" htmlUrl="http://capacitorsaredope.tumblr. com/"/>
             <outline text="Mallika V" title="Mallika V" type=" rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="Matthew L" title="Matthew L" type= "rss"
                 xmlUrl=" /posts/default" htmlUrl="http://matatat-tat."/>
             <outline text="Michael J" title="Michael J" type=" rss"
                 xmlUrl="http://mjphysicalcomputing.blogspot. com/feeds/posts/default" htmlUrl="http://"/>
             <outline text="Michael R" title="Michael R" type=" rss"
                 xmlUrl="http://michaelrphysicalcomputing." htmlUrl=" http://michaelrphysicalcomputing.blogspot. com/"/>
             <outline text="Mitchell E" title="Mitchell E" type=" rss"
                 xmlUrl=" feeds/posts/default" htmlUrl="http://"/>
             <outline text="Nicole L" title="Nicole L" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="Noah D" title="Noah D" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=" posts/default" htmlUrl="http://nxdpc.blogspot. com/"/>
             <outline text="Olga K" title="Olga K" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="Oliver B" title="Oliver B" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=" posts/default" htmlUrl="http://obudblog."/>
             <outline text="Omar A" title="Omar A" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=" posts/default" htmlUrl="http://omarazzat."/>
             <outline text="Ryan L" title="Ryan L" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
             <outline text="Shohan H" title="Shohan H" type=" rss"
                 xmlUrl=" feeds/posts/default" htmlUrl="http://"/>
             <outline text="Taylor B" title="Taylor B" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=" feeds/posts/default" htmlUrl="http://"/>
             <outline text="Yuji T" title="Yuji T" type="rss"
                 xmlUrl=""  htmlUrl=""/>

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