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Recreational running and biking while enjoying the scenery is my preferred style. I never enjoyed running at all until my 30's. Here are a few races I have enjoyed participating in.

Harry Chapin 10k Run Against Hunger

The Bloomberg family, particularly my dad, has been running in this local Croton-on-Hudson race, on-and-off, for as long as I can remember. It's a tough 10k race with many hills. The course passes over the beautiful New Croton Dam and surrounding area.

Here is a plot of a few of our family members' performance from 2009 to 2017, the only years for which I have records: Bloomberg Family Performance in Recent Harry Chapin Runs Against Hunger.png


Despite being a terrible swimmer, a mediocre runner and bicyclist, and someone who generally does not wear speedos in public, I competed in triathlons for several years Triathlons can be brutal to a normal person, but are a nice test of endurance.

2012 Black Bear Sprint Triathlon

The Black Bear triathlon has a beautiful course through hills and forests around Beltzville State Park, PA. While it is a grueling race, it's a breathtaking place to be out of breath.

Overall stats:

  • Total time 1:49:19
  • Overall place: 64th out of 243
  • Place within age group: 10th out of 23

Swim - 750 meters:

  • Time: 15:33
  • Pace: 1:53
  • Place: 166 out of 243

Bike - 18 miles:

  • Time: 1:07:01
  • MPH: 16.1
  • Place: 61 out of 243

Run - 3.1 miles:

  • Time: 23:34
  • Pace: 7:36
  • Place: 34 out of 243

2011 Black Bear Olympic Triathlon

Overall stats:

  • Total time 2:56:26
  • Overall place: 190th out of 362
  • Place within age group: 22nd out of 36

Swim - 1500 meters:

  • Time: 31:28
  • Pace: 1:54
  • Place: 242 out of 362

Bike - 24 miles:

  • Time: 1:31:20
  • MPH: 15.8
  • Place: 213 out of 362

Run - 6.2 miles:

  • Time: 49:28
  • Pace: 7:59
  • Place: 124 out of 362

2011 NYC Triathlon

My timer chip fell off somewhere during the race, so I have no timed results. I nearly passed out at the end. The New York City triathlon has a swim segment through the Hudson River next to the city, which is one of the most putrid places I've ever been in my life - you can smell an indescribable stench underwater.

And more

There are others for which I cannot find records.

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