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This assignment will create an initial web page for you at http://i6.cims.nyu.edu/~netid Soon you will update this page, but for the time being we just want to establish your page and verify that your page is out there!

Part 1 - remotely log into the i6 web server

Follow the standard instructions for how to remotely log in to the i6 web server

Part 2 - change your password

For security reasons, please change your password on the i6 web server. It is a bad habit to keep using the password you were automatically given.

Type the following at the UNIX system prompt (which is represented here by the “$” sign). Do not type the “$“.

$ passwd [ and follow the instructions to change the password to one of your choice ]
$ exit

Part 3 - create an HTML document on your computer

Next, you need to publish a web page with your name in the title and body.

  1. use a good text editor
  2. copy the bare minimum HTML code necessary to make a web page
  3. then enter your name into the title and the body of the page in that code

Save the file as “index.html” and test it in a browser locally (on your computer) to make sure it looks ok (using File->Open... in your browser).

Part 4 - publish the web page to your i6 web root

Transfer your assignment file(s) to the i6 web server. Make sure you place the file in the proper web root folder in order for it to be visible to the public on the web.

Check to see if your page is ok on the server using the browser of your choice by looking at the following URL, with your web server username plugged in:


Part 5 - submit your work

Submit this assignment the usual way.

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