Web Development Final Project

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Your final project should include at least some use of each of the technologies we have learned.

Your site should generally have no less than 3 pages.


Document the main concept and all the requirements that go with it.

These questions may help you determine what is required to be done:

  • What is your idea?
  • What is your audience?
  • What do they need to be able to do on your site?
  • When must the site be launched?
  • What technologies will you be using?
  • What are other constraints that you may have?

Information Architecture

Create wireframe diagrams for each page of the site.

  • Include every single piece of content that will be on each page.

Create a site map to show the hierarchy of your site

  • This is optional for a small site.

Visual Design

Create visual designs for each page

  • This is not something we require in this course.


Developing in the following order will help you keep the process smooth:

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. Javascript
  3. PHP & MySQL

Quality Assurance Testing

Make sure it works.


Publish your site.

  • Needless to say, make sure your URL works before sending.

Standard web marketing:

  • Send out an email to all your friends.
  • Post the link to Facebook.
  • Start a Twitter account posting updates regularly
  • Start a blog posting updates regularly
  • Optimize your site for search engines to index by following standard SEO practices.
  • Start a Google adWords "ad buy" to promote your site in search results.
  • Pay bloggers to pretend they're interested in your site
  • Hope that people come visit your site.

So-called guerrilla marketing:

  • Put up stickers with your site's URL on lamp posts, parking signs, and toilets across the city.
  • Throw parties with free booze branded with your site's logo
  • Send gifts to bloggers and other core influencers with simple PR materials included
  • Go to meetup groups with like-minded folks and other networking events to promote your site
  • ...etc...

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