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This course teaches you all you need to know to be an effective web developer. We learn both the front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) technologies, with an emphasis on concepts and techniques that transcend any given technology. At the end of the course, students build a complete dynamic database-driven web site of their choosing.

Class sessions are divided into 50% lecture and 50% workshops, where students complete assignments on a new topic every week.


See the daily breakdown on the web development course schedule

Reference documentation

We will use the following free online resources:

  • w3schools.com for HTML and CSS
  • tizag.com for PHP and MySQL
  • There are no adequate books or online resources for Javascript

The web development process

The following are the high-level phases of any web development project, in specific, and any software development project, in general:

  1. Requirements Gathering
  2. Information Architecture
  3. Visual Design & Copywriting
  4. Implementation (a.k.a. Development)
  5. Quality Assurance Testing
  6. Release (a.k.a. Launch)
  7. Maintenance

Usually, a single project will have many iterations of the Implementation and Quality Assurance Testing phases until the product satisfies all requirements and goals.

Read a full description of the software development process.