Why Learn Programming

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You might want to know how to write computer programs (i.e. software) because…

  • everything you do on your computer involves programs
  • everything you use on your phone is a program
  • the surveillance cameras that track your movements are hooked up to computers
  • the web is a bunch of computer programs linked together
  • every game you play on your xbox, wii, etc is a program
  • building robots requires programming
  • most scientific discovery today relies on computer programs and the people who write them
  • computer programs can automate many tasks that humans find boring or difficult
  • computer programs are being used to perform jobs formerly held by humans
  • a major part of our culture’s creative and intellectual output comes in the form of software
  • computer programming can let you creatively 'play' with ideas in arts, philosophy, sciences, and music
  • you really should have learned to program computers in middle school
  • if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can make it
  • your parent/advisor wants you to
  • why did you learn how to write?

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