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Clinical Assistant Professor Computer Science New York University 251 Mercer Street, Room 424 New York, NY 10012 amos at cs dot nyu dot edu


As a professor who practices what he preaches, Amos has over 20 years' experience building things, both practical and whimsical. His most rewarding professional validation to date was standing on a crowded NYC subway surreptitiously looking down at a seated passenger reading a Metro newspaper article about himself and his work. That happened only once, though Amos has been responsible for the strategy and design of dozens of popular apps, websites, and advertising campaigns on behalf of a wide range of clients, from the UN to Facebook and Microsoft, from Amex to Juicy Couture, from MTV to Amazon, and on to small tech startups whose names are rightly forgotten to history. His own award-winning non-commercial work has been featured in Forbes, the New York Times, the Village Voice, and Wired, etc, etc.

Amos holds a Master's from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program and a Bachelor's in Brain & Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester.



Masters in Interactive Telecommunications

  • New York University, 2005


Bachelors in Brain & Cognitive Sciences

  • University of Rochester, 1997

High School

Hackley School

  • Tarrytown, NY, 1993


  • Bicycling in the countryside
  • Winemaking from invasive species
  • Architecture and residential engineering
  • Making music

Selected Student Testimonials

The Good

  • "I think Amos Bloomberg is a really good Professor, because he constantly gives real-life examples and teaches more than the other instructors of this course."
  • "First course in a while where I felt I developed practical and useful skills that I now grasp and wish to develop outside the classroom."
  • "I enjoyed learning at this unexpected accelerated pace and am grateful for the fact that I learned a lot more than other beginners in other classes."
  • "You're awesome. Don't change. Thank you."
  • "Truly amazing and inspiring professor."
  • "I have had such a wonderful experience learning about sensors, micro-controllers, and user interactions. i cannot emphasize how much fun and joy I got out of learning to integrate my learning into some tangible and useful object."

The Bad

  • "I never felt engaged with the coursework."
  • "The professor was unresponsive to my emails."
  • "Professor Bloomberg is a cool guy and I enjoyed his funny word entries. However, I feel the material we learned wasn't that interesting and could have been self-learned with the textbook."
  • "Homework is too hard."
  • "If you're not on top of the material, it's very easy to get lost, as Amos does not backtrack or recap unless you ask him to."

The Ugly

  • "Amos Bloomberg provides the vaguest amount of knowledge possible."
  • "Worst class I have ever taken; instructor was unclear, disorganized, and not helpful to students; assignments were confusing; learned more through googling."
  • "This professor was by far the worst professor I've ever had which was particularly disappointing as this is my last semester of college."