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We make no promises regarding your privacy.

Of particular note, please bear in mind that:

  • your computer keeps a record of everything you do on it, even when you delete stuff
  • your phone keeps a record of everything you do on it, even when you delete stuff
  • someone can easily hack into your wifi network and see what you're browsing on the web
  • your Internet Service Provider probably keeps a record of what you've browsed on the web
  • various police and federal agencies are probably tracking your computers and mobile devices and keeping a record of what you're doing on them
  • the NSA, FBI, CIA, and other federal agencies are most likely collecting bulk data about your behavior online
  • all searches you do and all videos you watch online are probably being logged and used to build a profile of you by several different parties
  • advertisers and social media sites track your activity on the web and keep records forever and reserve the right to do what they want with that data
  • all email you send or receive to free email providers is logged, analyzed, and kept forever, and the email service providers usually reserve the right to do whatever they want with that data
  • most of the parties doing the above will tell you that they don't store any personally identifiable information... that doesn't mean they can't identify you personally based on that data

So why are you asking about this little site's privacy policy?