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GitHub - Issues

GitHub has a built-in issue management system.

Creating a new issue

Click New issue button

GitHub's new issue form

It’s easy to make a checklist of sub-tasks in an issue comment, by using Markdown syntax. This can be very useful for tracking Acceptance Criteria of a User Story or sub-elements of a particular task`

- [ ] Item 1
- [ ] Item 2
- [ ] Item 3

Assigning issues to individuals

Issues can be assigned to individual(s) to clearly document who is supposed to be working on it. This is important for avoiding conflict resolution and making it clear who has or has not done their work.

User Stories are not assigned to team members. But any Task or Spike currently being worked on (i.e. units of work in the current Sprint Backlog, if following the Scrum or similar Agile development framework) should be assigned to an individual or several individuals.

No Task or Spike should sit on a Sprint Task Board unassigned.

Maintaining an issue

Once created, contributors can leave a thread of communications as comments in this Issue

Keep an eye on Issues that may need some attention:

Sort options for GitHub issues

Closing an issue

Click the Close issue button.