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Unofficial Exercise History


Recreational running, off-road electric unicycling, and biking while enjoying the scenery is my preferred style. I never enjoyed running at all until my 30’s. Here are some more details and a few races I have enjoyed participating in.


After seeing a distant cousin riding a unicycle as a child, I was enthralled and spent countless hours, days, weeks, months teaching myself to ride. Eventually, I began to ride to/from school and all about town. This paused once I entered a high school too far to reach within a reasonable amount of time on one wheel.

Three decades later, I visited a friend who showed me an electric unicycle sitting in his garage. After about 10 minutes riding it, I fell off the wagon and relapsed into a downward spiral of unicycle addiction from which I have not yet recovered. As of the time of this writing, I ride a standard KingSong S18 with an IRC TR-1 knobby tire, enjoying street riding to/from work as well as off-roading on local trails.

KingSong S18 electric unicycle

Harry Chapin 10k Run Against Hunger

The Bloomberg family, particularly my dad, has been running in this local Croton-on-Hudson race, on-and-off, for as long as I can remember. It’s a tough 10k race with many hills. The course passes over the beautiful New Croton Dam and surrounding area.

Here is a plot of a few of our family members’ performance from 2009 to 2018, the only years for which I have records:

Bloomberg family performance in recent Harry Chapin Runs Against Hunger


Despite being a terrible swimmer, a mediocre runner and bicyclist, and someone who generally does not wear speedos in public, I competed in triathlons for several years Triathlons can be brutal to a normal person, but are a nice test of endurance.

2012 Black Bear Sprint Triathlon

The Black Bear triathlon has a beautiful course through hills and forests around Beltzville State Park, PA. While it is a grueling race, it’s a breathtaking place to be out of breath.

Overall stats:

Swim - 750 meters:

Bike - 18 miles:

Run - 3.1 miles:

2011 Black Bear Olympic Triathlon

Overall stats:

Swim - 1500 meters

Bike - 24 miles:

Run - 6.2 miles:

2011 NYC Triathlon

My timer chip fell off somewhere during the race, so I have no timed results. I nearly passed out at the end. The New York City triathlon has a swim segment through the Hudson River next to the city, which is one of the most putrid places I’ve ever been in my life

And more

There are others for which I cannot find records.