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Unofficial Exercise History


Recreational running, acoustic and electric unicycling, downhill and cross country skiing, and biking while enjoying the scenery is my preferred style. Here are a few more details.


After seeing a distant cousin riding a unicycle as a child, I was enthralled and spent countless hours, days, weeks, months teaching myself to ride. Eventually, I began to ride to/from school and all about town. This paused once I entered a high school too far to reach within a reasonable amount of time on one wheel.

Three decades later, I visited a friend who showed me an electric unicycle sitting in his garage. After about 10 minutes riding it, I fell off the wagon and relapsed into a downward spiral of unicycle addiction from which I have not yet recovered. As of the time of this writing, I ride a KingSong S18 with an IRC TR-1 knobby tire, enjoying street riding to/from work as well as off-roading on trails.

KingSong S18 electric unicycle


After a lifetime of downhill skiing, in 2023-2024 while spending several dark wintry months in Finland, I converted to cross country - the forests were simply too beautiful to not. My cross country skiing technique is terrible. In 2020, New York was reclassified by meteorologists as “humid subtropical” and there is no longer hope of consisent snow and the habitat is better suited to mosquitoes. I hope to be able to migrate somewhere with easy access to snow and forest trails to improve and enjoy.