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Discord Messenger - Use in a Software Engineering Course

Discord is a messenger / discussion application that we use for all course communication.


Every user is assigned a role.

It is possible to send a message to all users with a specific role by including @role in the message, e.g. @graders.


An overview of the channels used in this course.

Channels are organized into categories. The categories are…

General Channels

Channels in the “SE” category:


Channels in the “SE - TEAMS” category:

Student Work

Channels in the “SE - STUDENTS” category:

Discord only allows a limited number of channels in each category. If there is no more room in a given “SE - STUDENTS” category for your channel, we will provide additional “SE - STUDENTS” categories that you can use instead.

Extracurricular Banter

Channels in the “BANTER” category:


To keep discussions orderly and focused, abide by the following rules:

  1. students should never post to the pronouncements channel - keep this for official announcements only
  2. student-created channels must be placed in an appropriate channel category.
  3. if you are targeting a message to a specific person, use the @username syntax to notify them, e.g. Dear @Prof - great to see you!
  4. general messages and questions should be posted to a relevant public channel so others can see the discussion surrounding it
  5. if a message is related to your personal performance or grades, send it as a private message in your private channel or dicsuss in-person
  6. direct questions about grading to the graders - they have the word, “Grader”, in their usernames
  7. direct questions about tutoring to the tutors - they have the word, “Tutor”, in their usernames
  8. direct questions about other matters to the professor (@Prof) and the course assistant if there is one for this course - they have the word, “Course Assistant”, in their username

Students are expected to abide by NYU’s student conduct policies in all their communication in this course, regardless of the platform being used.