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Remote Login with SSH

This document contains instructions for remotely logging in to the web server using ssh from the command shell on Windows, Mac, or UNIX/Linux.


You will need the following in order to proceed:

If you are sure you never received an email with your i6 username and password, you most likely already have an account and simply need to reset your password.

Important paths

You will need to understand the following paths in order to effectively publish web pages to this account:

Account home directory

Your personal home folder on the i6 server


Web root directory

The public_html sub-folder within your account home directory


The above is a shortcut to the following full path:


Web page URL

This is the URL at which the public will be able to view the contents of your web root directory from a web browser

How to log in

Run whichever UNIX-like command shell program you have chosen.


Enter your i6 account password, when prompted. You will not see the password appear as you type it, but fear not: it is being entered. Hit the Enter or Return key when done.

You are now logged in to your account home directory mentioned above. Start trying some UNIX commands!