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Amos Bloomberg


Amos Bloomberg, circa 2015

As a professor who practices what he preaches, Amos has over 20 years’ experience building things, both practical and whimsical. His most rewarding professional validation to date was standing on a crowded NYC subway surreptitiously looking down at a seated passenger reading a Metro newspaper article about himself and his work. That happened only once, though Amos has been responsible for the research, strategy, design, and implementation of dozens of popular apps, websites, and marketing campaigns on behalf of a wide range of clients, from the UN to Facebook and Microsoft, from Amex to Juicy Couture, from MTV to Amazon, and on to small non-profits and tech startups whose names are rightly forgotten to history. His own award-winning non-commercial creative work has been featured in Forbes, the New York Times, the Village Voice, and Wired, etc, etc.

Amos began programming games on his dad’s computer for fun at the age of 12. He now holds a Master’s from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, and received the first-ever Bachelor’s in Brain & Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester.

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Amos Bloomberg
Clinical Associate Professor
Computer Science
New York University
251 Mercer Street, Room 424
New York, NY 10012


Open office hours

Academia Experience

New York University, Department of Computer Science

2011 – , New York, NY

Training the next generation of engineers, designers, and hackers. Teaching courses in software engineering, agile software development & devops, computer science, web design, database design and implementation, computer programming, and physical computing. Award-winning innovation in teaching and student engagement. Research in education automation.

New York University, School of Professional Studies

2005 – 2015, New York, NY

Training professionals of all levels of seniority in intensive crash courses focused on web, databases, and application development.

New York University, Department of Neural Science

2004 – 2005

Dissecting brains, playing with rats, helping students understand the links between psychology, cognition, and neural science.

Industry Experience

Founder / Chief,

September 2020 - Present, New York, NY

Wikistreets is a social mapping application used by individuals and organizations to create quick maps with markers, notes, photos, and videos. Social features allow real-time collaboration, commenting, forking, and more. Support for open technologies, including Markdown, GeoJSON, and future integration plans for OpenStreetMap, ActivityPub, and more. Free and open source for all.

Founder / Chief, Plastic Past LLC

December 2007 – Present, New York, NY

Principal of a high-end interactive design consultancy advising clients in research, business analysis, user research, experience design, service design, and the goal-oriented engineering of apps and ecosystems. Building relationships with a wide range of clients, from direct work with Fortune 500’s, to vendor work for larger tech firms and agencies, and bootstrapping with small start-ups and cultural institutions. Recent clients include CBRE, Imagine Learning, Convene, and the tourism board of Iceland.

Award-winning client work. In-house “experimental” work has been featured in the The New York Times, New York Magazine, Metro, and Time Out New York.

Co-Founder/Director of Product, Esprsso Inc.

May 2007 – April 2008 (1 year), New York, NY

Co-founder and chief technical architect of Esprsso, the first-of-its kind social feed and news reader based on RSS technology, designed to give you a personalized ‘shot’ of the news. As featured in New York Law Review.

Co-Founder/Toy Designer, Codependent Designs

May 2004 – April 2007, New York, NY

Inventor of Needies, interactive plush dolls inspired by codependent, high-maintenance relationships. As featured in,, AdWeek, Metro, and the Canada National Post.

Technology Consultant, United Nations

November 2005 – May 2006, New York, NY

Primary consultant on two projects in Peacekeeping Operations to implement a major push by the organization to develop new technologies for information sharing and knowledge management.

Software Engineer, Microsoft

October 1999 – September 2000, Redmond, WA

Lead interface designer and developer for Digital Broadcast Manager, the first integrated e-commerce solution for securing, managing, and streaming digital audio and video.

Software Engineer, Comet Systems Inc

September 1998 – August 1999, New York, NY

Lead interface engineer for Comet Cursor, a deceptively simple product which we developed, at that time, into the most successful web browser plugin in the history of the internet.


Interests and Activities


Master vintner at Château Bloomberg.


Waking, running, biking, skiing. On occasion, I break out the acoustic unicycle, but mostly I ride my electric unicycle.

Domestic construction


Studied classical guitar for many years, first with private instruction from a professor from the Manhattan School of Music and then at the Eastman School of Music. Years ago, I used to occasionally release experimental concept albums, including Normal Music For Strange People and The Complete Dance Party.


Awards & Honors